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2023 UFO Challenge

UFO, Unfinished Project. How many UFOs do you have?

Here is your chance to tackle one of your UFOs

and get it finished.

Bring your UFO to the January 27, 2023 QAC Guild meeting.

You will have until the October 27th guild meeting to show your 100 % completed Quilt.

For your completion you will receive a UFO charm.

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Un – Finished – Object / Project
A UFO is any Piece of Fabric, cut for the purpose of making a Quilt or Wall Hanging.

Must have --Top, Batting, Backing, Binding -- Or other object that is made of fabric that has 3 layers, Top, Batting, Backing.
Kits, Bundles, Own Design, Etc……
No Smaller than 20 x 20 and NO more than 50% completed.

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