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2023 Challenge



No Smaller than 15 x 15 - No larger than 40 x 40 inch.

All outside edges added together cannot exceed 160 in circumference.

Must be a three-layered quilt. Top, batting, backing, binding.


This is how it works

Your Fabric is :

1 Solid Fabric *** WHITE ***

1 Solid Fabric Chosen by the Guild President *** TURQUOISE ***

1 Fabric of your Choice.

This fabric can be anything you like, Print or Solid, - Not Both -. Any Color/Print

ONLY 3 fabrics

You MUST use the 3 Colors somewhere visible in the Challenge.

Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Straight Lines. ECT..

Reveal will be at the Quilts in the Aspen Quilt Show August 12th 2023

This is for Members only


Awards will be awarded to: 1st , 2nd and 3rd place

NOTE: This is separate from the Scrap Bag Challenge for Charitable Causes

2022 Quilt Challenge UNDER THE BIG TOP!
What’s your Favorite part of the Circus?

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