2021 Quilt Challenge

Where do you call Home?

tiny house 3.jpg
tiny house 4.jpg
tiny house.jpg
tiny house 7.jpg


No Smaller than 12 x 12  OR No larger than 40 x 40 inch. 

All outside edges added together cannot exceed 160 in circumference.

Must be a three-layered quilt. Top, batting, backing, binding.


Reveal will be at the Quilts in the Aspen Quilt Show

August 14th 2021


How do you call Home?

House, Apartment in the city, Hut on the beach, Tent in the woods, Camper in a National Park, Boat on the lake, Castle on a Hill, Village on a Hill Side.


  Awards for:   1st     2nd   &  3rd   place

tiny house 6.jpg
tiny house 2.jpg