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Charitable Causes 


Our charity mission of the guild is to assist our community by utilizing the talents of our members to create quilts and related items for those in need.

We donate the items to nonprofit agencies throughout Teller County, and the surrounding areas.


Of particular interest for Quilters Above the Clouds, is the needs of children who have been removed from their homes, families in trauma and women escaping domestic violence.


In 2023, QAC made 122 quilts, and donated 120 quilts.
 Also
made 182 critter quilts, and donated 250 critter quilts because we had a
lot of critter quilts in storage.

2nd Tuesday of each month in Woodland Park


The Guild recently received a donation of ANOTHER 290 beautiful stuffed animals from Wishpets (a leading wholesale designer and manufacturer of plush toys).  These delightful critters will facilitate and inspire the Guild to meet its steady demand for "critter quilts."  

A huge thank you to Wishpets!

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