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Promotes an interest and appreciation of the arts of Quilting.  

We sponsor local and nationally-known speakers and provide workshops, to expand our knowledge, and to encourage our creativity.

 "We must preserve the heritage of quilting"

Membership Forms
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You can pay membership dues at a guild meeting or mail payment along with form (see below) to:
Quilters Above the Clouds

P. O. Box 242

Divide, CO 80814

Youth Membership available ($5)

Lifetime Honorary Membership







Early in 2019, Quilters Above the Clouds revised their Bylaws to include recognition of outstanding members who have contributed above and beyond to the growth and excellence of our guild.  In most cases, an Honorary Lifetime Membership is considered for someone who can no longer be an active participant in the guild due to health issues or because of the need to relocate to a distant area.  In general, a member should have been an active guild member for 5 or more years and made significant contributions to Quilters Above the Clouds.  Members of the guild may nominate someone for this honor either in writing or in person at a board meeting.  The Executive Board will then consider the nomination and make the final decision.  Lifetime Members pay no dues and receive the guild’s newsletter via email.  In addition they are welcome to attend any meeting or activity whenever they can.

Jan Simpson Legacy Award
jan simpson award pink.jpg

2022 - Awarded to Lisa Morris

This year's recipient epitomizes the goals and direction of the Quilters Above the Clouds Quilt Guild. She brings new and fresh ideas to our meetings, programs, and events while taking the time to listen to the input of others. She continually provides behind-the-scenes support of all our members, but shines at filling several key leadership positions . . . .(READ MORE)


Purpose : Throughout the year, recognize members who have provided outstanding, over the top support to the purpose/goals of QAC .


Kudos are not intended to be " participation " trophies

We do want to acknowledge special efforts

      Spearheading new projects to advance our purpose

      Jumping in to assist a member in need with project or event

      Promoting our quilting guild within the community


Nominations can be provided by an individual member via email to the Co-Presidents.

       Will be reviewed and confirmed by the Board, and awarded Quarterly

       A member is only eligible for one award per year


      Initial - sewing machine charm holder

      Subsequent - charm of recipient choice

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